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Our Intention

Come as you are with an open heart.  Whether you’re new to yoga or have a few practices under your belt, our intention is to serve and support you in your journey to discovering strength and balance in your life.

Our History

Blue Pearl Yoga was founded by Karen Reisdorf in 2005. The name of the studio came from a vision Karen had during a meditation, as she saw a Blue Pearl that encompassed the greatness of the charming hometown community of Batavia, NY.

Originally hosted in the former art gallery “Pieces”, the Studio rented space at a local Baptist church before its move in 2007 to current location at 200 East Main Street in downtown Batavia, NY.  This beautiful historic building is a former Masonic Temple, and housed Lodge 475 prior to becoming our Studio’s home.

Our inspired Certified Yoga Teachers have a wealth of training and knowledge, and offer a wide variety of classes and workshops to meet the needs of our yoga community. Please visit our Teacher’s page to learn more about them.

Our home-town studio is dedicated to serving our community through the wellness practices of yoga and other modalities, and was awarded Batavia City Councils Small Business of the Year in 2013.



200 East Main St. | 3rd Floor
Batavia, NY 14020


(585) 813-8623


Oh the places we’ve been…

At Blue Pearl Yoga, we pride ourselves on being our own little community, as well as promoting yoga throughout the greater Batavia community. These are just some of the places we’ve that we’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to spread the message of yoga.

  • YWCA-AfterSchool Adventure-Batavia Middle School

  • Grounded Family Yoga Class at Blue Pearl Studio

  • Kidstart-ARC of Livingston-Wyoming, Pre-School Yoga

  • Richmond Memorial Library-Grounded Family Yoga, 

  • Byron-Bergen Health Tech Academy

  • Batavia Health Tech Academy

  • Pavilion Central School-Family Fitness Night

  • Genesee Community College

  • UMMC (Wellness Insentives)

  • O-At-Ka Milk (Wellness Challenge)

  • OTB@Batavia Downs (T'ai Chi)

  • Mental Health Association

  • Genesee County Mental Health Association

  • Genesee Cancer Assistance

  • BID Events

  • Wellness Fairs In Your Area

  • Batavia Lions Club

  • Batavia MuckDogs Ball Park-Kids Activities

  • Independent Living-Batavia

  • City of Batavia Summer Parks Program

  • St. Joes School, Batavia

  • Head Start Preschool, Batavia

  • LeRoy Manor, LeRoy

  • Girl Scouts of Western New York

  • Batavia City School District-Wellness Day Presentation

  • Healthy Moms & Babies Community Resource Fair-UMMC featuring The Global Big Latch On

  • Recovery-WOW, GCASA


Commitment Benefits

Class Cards

Class Cards can be purchased at the studio before or after class


Class Card Terms:

  • Cards are priced at the Drop-In Rate

  • Expire 6 months from purchase 

  • Qualify for our Consistency Rewards Program.

Class Card Benefits:

  • Begin to accumulate your Consistency Rewards

  • Drop Into Any Weekly Yoga Class, Any Time

  • Discounts on Events & Workshops

  • Speedy Check-In at the studio

  • Families (people living under the same roof) can share a card, making earning Consistency Rewards easier


Consistency Rewards 

At Blue Pearl Yoga we understand the importance of consistency in the ability of this practice to truly transform lives. A single class a week can feel great and is good for the mind and body. Practicing 2-3 times a week can start to make marked improvements in flexibility and stress management. When yoga becomes an integral part of your life (4-7 days a week), amazing and magical things happen. Consistency with yoga becomes a transformation.

With this in mind, to we offer the following perks with our Class Card Consistency Rewards Program.

Use your 5-class card within 2 months and receive:

  • $5 off your next card purchased within 2 months of your last class.
    —bringing the price down to $11 per class

Use your 10-class card within 3 months and receive

  • $20 off your next card purchased within 3 months of your last class.
    —bringing the price down to $10 per class.

Use your 20-class card within 3 months and receive

  • $60 off your next card purchased within 3 months of your last class.
    —bringing the price down to $9 per class.

Frequently Asked Questions


Inevitably you will have some questions, especially if you are new to the practice or to the studio. Read over the tips and pointers below to ensure you have the best possible experience when you arrive. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to CONTACT US. 


Getting Here 

  • We are located at 200 East Main St in Batavia NY,  3rd floor (stair access only)

  • Park behind the building (access from Center Street)

  • Find the glass door next to Charles Men’s Shop, then up the stairs.

Your First Class

  • Wear comfortable clothes in layers

  • Arrive 15 minutes early

  • Look around our beautiful studio

  • Meet your teacher

  • Mats and props are provided, or bring your own

  • Fill out a health waiver

  • Sign in and get Class Card

Your Class Card

  • Bring your receipt (printed or on phone) to exchange for your Class Card

  • You may attend any regular weekly class on the schedule with your Class Card

  • We encourage you to try different classes to find one that’s just right for you!

Weekly Drop-In Class Schedule

  • Our regular weekly yoga classes run continuously throughout the year

  • You are welcome to drop into any regular weekly yoga class any day, any time

  • We encourage students to try different classes so you can find that just right class

  • Schedules are updated monthly, and are posted in our monthly newsletter.


  • We accept cash, checks, debit, credit, and Wellness Benefit Cards from some insurance providers

  • We are providers with BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York - please check with BCBS Member Services to see if you have coverage for yoga classes

Studio Etiquette

  • Leave your shoes at the door, coat on the rack

  • Arrive before class starts to set up your mat and props

  • Don't eat 1-2 hours before class

  • Wear casual, modest, comfortable clothes in layers

  • We provide mats and props for students to borrow, or bring your own

  • Mat cleaner and rags are provided to clean borrowed studio mats

Pain and Discomfort

  • Some discomfort is okay

  • Pain is an indicator that you might be pushing too hard

  • Do not push through pain, let the breath do the work

  • We practice finding the balance between effort and ease, where all the magic happens

  • Props and variations are offered as a way to find the just-right feel-good pose for you

  • Listen to what your body is saying to you, it’s ok to skip a pose or two


Feel-at-Home Mindset

  • Yoga is a non-judgement zone. Be neither proud nor ashamed…. just be

  • Begin where you are, you will gain strength, flexibility, and focus as you practice

  • Consistency is the magic ingredient to get the most benefit

  • It’s okay to skip a pose or take an easier version as you build strength and flexibility.

  • Don’t take yourself too serious, and enjoy your practice.  After all, it’s all about relaxation, doing something for your wellness, and having fun

Do I have to be flexible, be a vegan, quit my bad habits and love everyone to practice?

  • No, absolutely not….but that may happen as a side-effect of practicing yoga

How often should I practice?

  • Consistency is the key- once or twice a week regularly brings the greatest benefit

  • Ideally, yoga is meant to be a daily practice. To get the most benefit and quickest gains, do a little yoga every day, even if you start with just one conscious breath in and out while you stretch.  Everything counts!

  • The more you practice the better you feel, and the more you want to practice

Which yoga class should I take?

  • That depends on your physical condition, health, and motivation

  • All styles of yoga have benefit, like a buffet, try everything and come back for seconds if you like it

  • Beginners may want to start with gentle or level 1 classes to start

  • Beginner’s workshops are offered from time to time, check our website

  • Begin where you are, you will gain strength, flexibility, and focus as you practice

Is Yoga A Religion?

  • Yoga it is not a religion 

  • Yoga is a philosophy, a scientific system for achieving wellness, and lifestyle based on the “Eight Limbs of Yoga” that is thousands of years old.

  • Some find that it deepens their own personal religious/spiritual practice

Why should I come to Blue Pearl Yoga?

  • For self-care, for your benefit, and for the benefit of those you love

  • Our teachers are Yoga Alliance certified, and awesome, caring people who live what they teach

  • Our vibe attracts our tribe, curious, caring, evolving teachers and students call us their second home

Do you offer yoga outside of weekly classes?

  • Yes

  • We travel to offices, schools, businesses and organizations for classes and workshops

  • We offer private and semi-private classes

  • We can tailor a class or workshop to meet your needs 


Contact Us


If you have any questions or inquiries, please give us a call or fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are located at:

200 East Main St. | 3rd Floor
Batavia, NY 14020
(585) 813-8623


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