Private Yoga

 Private Yoga Classes

Please call or email us to help you find your Teacher.

Private Classes:

Single session at Studio         $75/hour

Single session at your location add $25

Kindly give 48 hours notice of cancellation, or client will be responsible for fee.


Small Group Classes:

For you and 2-3 of your friends.

$25 per person per session at Studio  

add $25 fee per session at your Location

Kindly give 48 hours notice of cancellation, or client will be responsible for fee.

Large Group Classes/Presentations:

Please contact us with your request


Corporate Yoga

Let Us Bring Yoga To Your Organization or Business


We are committed to providing quality yoga for groups in our community.

We offer a variety of styles and fitness levels tailored to your groups needs.

All our Yoga Instructors are Yoga Alliance Certified and fully insured.

Please contact us directly to set up your yoga class or presentation at

 or call 585-813-8623

Corporate Yoga Rates:

A Yoga Class at your location includes: 

-A Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor 

-A specialized class developed and tailored to fit the people in your organization.  

-All mats, blocks, straps, and other equipment needed will be provided for you.

-A portable sound system and music will be provided to facilitate ambient relaxation.

Base Rate:    $150 per hour

Travel Fees:  None if within 5 miles of Blue Pearl Yoga Studio

                       $2 per mile if more than 5 miles from Studio

Presentations and Speaking Engagements:

Presentations and are available on many different aspects of the yogic philosophy, and can be tailored to fit your organizations needs and goals.

A Speaking Engagement or Presentation at your location includes:

-An experienced Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor/Presenter

-Presentation tailored to your needs and goals

-Any mats/props/sound system with music if applicable

-Any hand-outs, worksheets, etc., if applicable

Base Rate:    $225 per hour

Travel Fees:  None if within 5 miles of Blue Pearl Yoga Studio

                       $2 per mile if more than 5 miles from Studio




with Reiki Master Joni Yaskulski and Friends 

Reiki Shares & Snow Owl Readings

Saturday's | 12:30-3:00 

No Cost for Reiki - Owl Readings $15 for 15 minutes

 See Workshop and Events Page for Current Reiki Schedule

The Reiki shares are an opportunity for anyone in need of healing or who simply are interested to receive a Reiki session from 2 or more Reiki practitioners. They help to bring awareness to Reiki and to help educate anyone who is curious about learning about Reiki. The Reiki shares are also a chance for Reiki practitioners of all levels to practice and exchange Reiki treatments.  Sessions are usually 10-15 minutes per person to allow everyone to experience Reiki. The shares are free and open to all ages, children to adults. 


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. One way that we can help the process of recharging is by receiving some Reiki. Reiki is a great way to help relieve stress and lift one's spirit. Reiki treats the whole person including the mind, body, spirit and emotions and creates many beneficial effects. Reiki also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. After a session, many people feel a renewed sense of energy, clearness of mind, relief from pain and muscle tension. Each person will receive a 15-20 minute healing session from a group of Reiki Masters and Practitioners. The shares are open to children as well.  Joni 585-261-2723

Finding your Wisdom Within
Snow Owl Readings

with Angela Lapple

Angela will channel the 3 visions of how your soul is today, how the journey has been up to this point and whether or not you’re open to more awareness at this point for connecting to inner truths. This can provide a glimpse or small confirmation.

To schedule full readings visit Angela's website: 

Rebecca Cohen


CF009644 8r.jpg

Using Yoga to Foster Resilience and Change 

Yoga is much more than a simple workout or series of stretching exercises. It is a deep and ancient philosophy with the power to change, heal, and strengthen. Rebecca offers workshops, continuing education for Yoga teachers, Yoga Teacher Trainings and special classes, as well as private sessions at Blue Pearl.  

Rebecca Cohen is an accomplished yoga teacher with over 20 years of yoga practice and teaching experience in the US and abroad. Drawing on this experience, it's effortless for her to creatively sequence any type of class. She is known for her ability to challenge students and build confidence at the same time. She truly enjoys sharing her knowledge and watching her students learn and grow.

Rebecca Cohen Bio Pic.jpg



Whether you are someone suffering from an acute physical injury, or someone that has been dealing with chronic pain, Rebecca Cohen can help guide you on the path to healing. 

Using her extensive experience with a variety of modalities, including Yoga, Thai Massage, and Meridian Energetics, and coaching, Rebecca helps to foster healing in the entire individual: body, mind, and spirit. Book a personal yoga, energy work, or coaching session today.