Mindful Yoga Programs


Secular-Based and Trauma-Informed Curriculum

Dedicated to bringing the tools of mindfulness and yoga to children, teens and adults.

Mindful Yoga Programs are based on Little Flower Yoga's evidence-based, trauma-informed methodology, a program designed to help your child become the best version of themselves, teaching life skills that can help them navigate life's challenges now and for years to come.  LFY's proven curriculum challenges students to learn in new ways, making connections, and recognizing their tremendous capacity to achieve.

It is in Marianne's heart to bring mindful practices to school settings and communities in her area.  She believes that this is a time of great challenge and opportunity for children growing up in today’s world, and that these practices can prepare children (and grown-ups) to meet these challenges with compassion, kindness, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and confidence-skills that will last a life time, and serve both the children and the communities they are a part of.



Private/Group Sessions

Hey Parents!

  • cultivate the skills to stay cool, calm, and collected while still being your true self

  • practice ways to become more focused that are fun

  • keep strong and flexible both in body and mind

  • ideal for outside-the-box thinkers

  • families welcome

Session Costs:

Private Session: $75/hour at Blue Pearl Studio / $100 At Your Location

Small Group or Family Classes - For you and 2-3 of your friends/family: $25 per person per session   

Minimum of 4 people for classes at your location or add $25 fee per session.

Kindly give 48 hours notice of cancellation, or client will be responsible for fee.


Classroom Team Training & Coaching

Hey Educators!

Your Mindful Yoga gives you, your staff and your students simple mind/body methods to infuse into the curriculum you already have going on in your classroom to cultivate calm and focus in your self, your staff, and your students, so you can get down to teaching, and your students can get down to learning.

Please visit YourMindfulYoga.com for more info.


School Age Practice Clubs

Hey Kids!

  • Would you like to cultivate the skills to stay cool, calm, and collected while still being your true self?

  • Would you like to practice ways to become more focused that are fun, and will ultimately help you when you need to focus on things that are challenging?

  • Do you want a fun, non-competitive activity that will keep you strong and flexible both in body and mind?

  • Do you think outside the box, and wish you could meet more friends who did so too?

If you are interested in starting a Practice Club in your school we would love to hear from you. 

Please contact Marianne at  Marianne@YourMindfulYoga.com for more info.

Marianne Bio Pic (1).jpg

A Note from Your Teacher: Marianne Skye

I began my professional journey in 1999 as a Physical Therapist Assistant specializing in treating children with special needs and sensory processing dysfunction. As an integral part of multi-disciplinary preschool special education teams, focus was on the whole child. My experience includes creating sensory-friendly environments, both physical (as in classroom set-up) and internal, (as in our attitudes and intentions regarding the children served).

As a child I was a nervous quirky little girl who grew into a nervous quirky little lady. I was that kid who was shy, hyper-vigilant, disengaged, and leery toward life. Even though I grew up with lots of love in my home, the rule of thumb in the 70’s was “spare the rod, spoil the child” both at home and at catholic school. It did a number on me!

I remember walking to school in first grade with an upset stomach nearly every day. Nobody talked about anxiety, no one offered a way for me to feel grounded and safe, we were tasked with tolerating and burying these feelings.

I couldn’t wait to be a grown-up, being a child was stressful and scary.

I recognize this in kids and adults alike, it tugs at my heart-strings, and inspires me share what I learned through my own personal transformation.

I have to say that these mind/body practices are easy, and are the favorite part of my day. It’s easy to do every day because the benefits, although very subtle, are also very profound. In the moment, I have the immediate benefit of feeling better right now!!! And what I’ve noticed over time was that my nervous system was getting re-trained so that my “default setting” of anxiety was fading, and my “default setting” of being calm and centered was stronger and stronger.

Your Mindful Yoga