Friday April 23 - 7 PM In Studio Kirtan with Sonam
APR 23, 11pm - APR 24, 12:30am EDT

Come join us in the ancient practice of Kirtan. Part of Bhakti-Yoga* (loving kindness yoga), Kirtan is an audience participation, call-and-response musical form for singing the praises of the Divine. Singing is encouraged as the vibration of the sounds helps to deepen the experience of devotion, but listening is also a profound spiritual experience.  Memorization is not necessary to participate. 

The Divine has been called by MANY names over such a long period of human existence that the actual naming becomes of secondary importance to the devotional attitude of love, peace, and wisdom! *Bhakti-Yoga is the yoga of devotion to God, and surrender of the personal ego; Kirtan is chanting the names of God in call-and-response style.


Blue Pearl Yoga
200 East Main Street, Batavia, NY

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